Can the M’s Make hay at home

With summer around the corner and the weather heating up theres no better time then now for the M’s potent offense to finaly emerge as the potent offense it can be. With Jose guillen and Jose Lopez starting to catch fire along with the rest of the offense the M’s are in the midst of a four game winning streak heading into tonights game with Kansas City Royals who are the worst improved team in baseball so far this season.
Jeff Weaver will see if he cant right his ship tonight before the world series hero turns back to being just Jered’s brother again.





    You must work in Mariners front office. There is no amount of good cheer and BS that will deminish the total and complete train wreck Weaver is. I am sick of watching guys that would not even make Tacoma’s roster fumble around. Weaver has lost it, will not find it any time soon and needs to earn his way onto a major league team. A good 2 years at single a ball in BFE will help that guys over sized ego. I would rather go back and watch Pinero strugle with his confidence that watch this guy wrestle his ego….


    There is plenty of blame for management to go around. I wonder how Mike Hargrove was duped into managing our team. I think Mike is a fine coach and always is a class person. I’m talking about the front office. OK, for the newly indoctrinated or people of short memory…here’s a reminder. What happens after the All-Star break when things look bleak? We typically trade players cannot replace. If this wasn’t an annual ritual, not a lot of damage would’ve been done. I claim it has been done too many years, and has left the cupboard emptier than it would’ve been otherwise. For half the year, we put up mostly bush leaguers. I will tune out after the all-star break if this trend continues, and I may not be back. I have tremendous respect for Mike Hargrove…all you have to ask yourself is what would Lou have done by now? If you want to win in baseball or the stock market…don’t trade most of your winners! Send Sexson back to the minors or trade him! Likewise Weaver and everyone else who either can’t or won’t win! Keep all our winners! It’s going to take years to pump all the water out of this ship and get it going in the right direction. There…now I said it!

  3. Josh

    Looks like the Jeff Weaver fan club is out in full force today, **** I can’t blame them I think he belongs in triple A (or worse) myself. This team is a lot like the 93 club with overpaid veterans and young guys just waiting to burst on the scene.


    Clueless in Seattle!!!

    I am having a hard time understanding how Weaver is still pitching in the majors. I watched a preseason game againts the Cubs here in Vegas and he had nothing. His fastball topped of at about 87 (very hittable). He was able to pitch out of trouble–but he was hit hard and had men on base in every frame. He also throws too many fly balls. Can anybody say “recipe for disaster”.

    His performance is not surprising. Are the Mariners running him out on the field because they want to lose every five days?

    We’re almost at the break and the guys ERA is over 10! Who the **** is pulling the strings in Seattle?

    The guys a loser. Get rid of him and call up someone from triple A who at least has a chance to win a few games.

    The team is better offensively–but they will tank and finish under .500 with Weaver in the rotation.


    Mariners Fan,

    I probably shouldn’t be laughing yet, but I can’t help it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Your ballclub does this evey time you have a “good” season. It looks like noone can beat em, and then they realize that they are the M’s and they choke. Mojo Risin’? Um…… Ichiro would look awesome in pinstripes, maybe he would like to join a real team? We’ll have our people call your people.


    Yankees fan

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